Death Keeps Calling

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I hope I end up marrying someone as pretty as Kayla someday.

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playakai Asked:
40, 54, 60

Not that I know of.

I try to be clean, but sometimes I’m messy. Who isn’t?

All the time. Haha!

9 31 69

6’0, or so.

On my back, both heads behind my head and my mouth wide open.😎

Both, I guess?

Anonymous Asked:
Will you post a selfie

Scroll down far enough, find them you will.

Get to Know Me Uncomfortably Well
Anonymous Asked:
You're a very sexy man.

Thank you, anon! I have to disagree though.

Anonymous Asked:
Who is that

My brother, Dalton.

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Anonymous Asked:
I find you and your blog increasingly interesting and I also really REALLY enjoy beards and I think yours is nice. You're rad

Thank you!😊

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